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      Advanced Postnatal Hydrotherapy

      Our heated hydrotherapy pool allows you the comfort of experiencing water in a safe, relaxed and fun group environment.

      Advanced Postnatal: A progression from Postnatal Hydrotherapy, this high intensity class is suited to Mums who are ready for a step up and want to keep exercising in the pool after their babies are 6 months old. This class is for mothers only. These classes focus on global strengthening and aim to improve cardiovascular fitness and are conducted by qualified physiotherapists with experience in women’s health.

      • Advanced Postnatal Hydrotherapy Classes

        • This class is suited to those who have been attending the postnatal Mums and Bubs hydrotherapy classes for a while and are ready for a challenge!

        Benefits of exercising in water postpartum:

        • Improves emotional wellbeing
        • Reduces anxiety and depression
        • Improves physical conditioning – builds strength and cardiovascular fitness
        • Assists with maintaining or returning to healthy postpartum weight
        • Low impact exercise -pelvic floor safe exercise
        • Destabilisation and rotational forces of the water assists with abdominal rehabilitation

      To book a class, please call reception

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