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      GLA:DTM (Good Living with Arthritis: Denmark)

      SportsMed Subiaco offers the GLA:DTM Australia Program. GLA:D® is an evidence-based education and exercise program developed by researchers in Denmark for individuals with hip and knee Osteoarthritis.

      It is also applicable for pre or post hip and knee joint replacement surgery.

      • GLA:DTM Program

        The GLA:DTM program includes:

        • Two Education sessions (Free of Charge) which teach you about Osteoarthritis, the benefits of GLA:DTM exercises and self-management tools outside the program.
        • An Initial Consultation with one of our certified physiotherapists to assess your suitability for the program and current functional ability to determine an appropriate starting level for your exercises.
        • 12 small group (maximum 6 participants per class) exercise sessions under the supervision of a physiotherapist.
        • A final assessment (15 min in duration) which will be completed after your last exercise session to re-assess your functional ability. An individualised training program is also provided where patients are encouraged to complete at home or in our fully equipped gymnasium, where memberships are available.

        This Program reflects first-line treatment recommended by the Australian Medical Associated. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners current guideline also strongly recommends exercise for relieving pain and improving function in people with hip and knee Osteoarthritis.

      To book a class, please call reception

      (08) 9382 9600